Lock Change & Replacement

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Need the lock for your property in the Bromley and the South East areas changed quickly? Call AP Locksmiths!

A broken lock is the number one most common locksmithing issue we encounter, seen countless times over all our long years of experience. Most locks will have a limited lifespan, depending on their manufacturer, and will continue to function fully for the duration of that lifespan, perhaps even longer, without causing issues. But depending on the quality and manufacturer of the lock, the way in which it is used (or misused), and its interactions with external forces (i.e. other people), it may stop functioning to its maximum potential, or indeed at all.

It’s generally not a good idea to repair a lock, as this will typically be only a temporary solution, creating a future potential security risk rather than giving you the peace of mind you need. More importantly, depending on the circumstances of the lock change (lost keys, physical damage, malfunctioning), an additional security risk could be created by not replacing the current (compromised) lock.

At AP Locksmiths, we partner with some of the best and most trusted manufacturer in the industry – we work with the best quality locks, and only top quality consumables and materials. All our staff are highly experienced and will be able to identify and implement the best approach for your situation or problem, any day, any time.